30. srpna 2016

Soapmakers of the World: Holly Shelton's Sipmle Elegance (USA)

Lemon Mint Teardorp

All photos are from Holly Shelton's personal archive

This time, my soapmaking friends, my guest is from USA. She won Soap Challenge Club three times, ones placed second and several times was very close to the top positions. Her soaps are very recognizable as they are not only both very simple and very elegant, but also are all natural. Queen of Natural Colors*, Amazingly Talented Soapmaker, very kind and grateful person and simply beautiful woman – Holly Shelton from Kápia Méra Soap Company.

13. srpna 2016

Dancing Funnel technique - Soap Challenge Club (August 2016 entry)

Hi, everybody,

This month challenge in Soap Challenge Club is about making a Dancing Funnel technique, that was created by Tatsiana Serko (read my interview with her here) from Creative Soap by Steso and Jelena Vasiljeva from Soap Techniques.

This is my seventh entry in SCC and first time doing this technique. I used no bottles, just paper cups... This is also the first time I am taking part in all natural category. I promised myself in February when I was not participating to choose this category for my entry next time and so this is it))