17. září 2016

Piping technique - Soap Challenge Club (September 2016 entry)

 Hi, everyone, 

This month challenge was another very hard one for me, as my daughter’s teething marathon still continues (for the 5-th or 6-th month). So I made my entry soap last night untill 3 a.m. I am not satisfied with it at all, but it is the only thing I managed to make)) 

 This was also one of the funniest challenges I made. 

 I was thinking a lot about the soap theme I would like to tackle. I don’t really like soap cupcakes or soap cakes etc. But while speaking with a friend of mine who likes weddings a lot, I started to think about unusual weddings people have sometimes, like marine weddings for instance. And I remembered that I liked how interesting those gothic weddings are and decided to make my soap in that style.