12. listopadu 2016

Cosmic Wave Soap - Soap Challenge Club (November 2016 entry)

Hello, everyone,
This is my 11-th Soap Challenge hosted by GreatCakes Soapworks and Amy Warden) I am very happy I could participate in it and managed to make some several nice soaps although my daugther is still having her teeth epopea(((((
This month technique is called Cosmic Wave and it was created by one of the most talented modern soapmekrs Tatsiana Serko from Creative Soap by Steso (Tatsiana was also my guest for the Soapmakers of the World interview serial here as well as Holly Shelton and Debi Olsen). The technique was created as a result of soap “duel” with another wonderful and very talented soapmaker Jelena Vasiljeva from Soap Techniques. Both of them are teaching in Savonnerie private school, which I am a proud pupil of.

To be honest I did not like the technique at first. Some several month ago I made two soaps in different variations. I liked the one with circles (or like I call after Soap Baby Whirlwind swirl). But the waves… no… It seemed to my like I made sausage soap))) I saw the direction in which my soap was poured and it made kind of hot dogs in the pattern… While I prepared for this challenge I looked at some very nice soaps made in this technique and I understood what was my problem… Sausages…. In sense of making soap - bad trace.. So I was trying to achieve the right trace for this pour, so there are no bright boundaries between the waves))
Those were my first soaps in that technique:


I made 6 attempts in a week before the end of the competition) I used a shoe box (the cover of it) as my mold as I have no mold with low sides. As I started to sell my soap, here in EU I had to use recipe and color scheme I have certificate for. The recipe includes olive, coconut, castor, shea, babassu, cocoa and jojoba wax.
So my first attempts were with my Jojoba and Bamboo (with bamboo charcoal, scented with tea tree, rosemary and lavender EOs) soap that normally looks like that:

I liked the way it looked, but it seemed to me, that I had too little colors in it, too little color soap (I made those recommended 15% of all batter) and too thin trace for this technique…

The second try was worse I think….

All other tries were with my Jojoba and Lemongrass soap (colored with yellow, tropical teal and brown moca NS micas, scented with lemongrass and lavender EOs). That is how it looks standardly:

First one attempt was very nice, seemed to me very harmonic, but there were kind of color “spots” instead of waves, so I wanted to make another try.


My shoe box soap mold))))



Second one try with this recipe ended up overmixed))) So, first one or two waves perfect, then I could only give my soap to a mold and the end)))

The third try was ended up like not very nice soap, because I used too much colored soap (more than 15%) and too thick trace again. I did not like the soap at all, so I normally have forgotten to take pics of it)))) So here is the only one I made before I died from that cold outside) SAUSAGES)))))) 


And last one try is my best I think as for the cosmic wave design. I over-CPOPed my soap, so there are little air bubbles in the structure of the soap.. I hope I can forgive myself one day for that))
My entry this month – Fresh Wave.

Just poured in my wonderful shoe box mold)

All soaps together:

Thank you for stopping by and have a very good luck with this so very hard technique!

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  1. So many lovely pics, Nasta!! I'm so sorry to hear your daughter is STILL teething. I know it seems like it will last forever, but it truly will end one day. :) At least you've had some time to make some beautiful cosmic wave soaps!! Congrats!

    1. Thank you very much, Amy, you are so very kind! Ectually, we are waiting only 2!!! teeth to see this world for more that 6 month... The first one is here with us now, but the secons is still on its trip)))) I hope the end of this story is close enough))) Otherwise I will be dead soon))))

  2. They are all beautiful! I love your entry best.

  3. I so enjoyed reading your adventure with this technique! You are so imaginative and creative! Your soaps are absolutely beautiful!!! ..and sausage free :-))))))) The cosmic waves are amazing and colours are perfect together. You have truly mastered the technique! Congratulations!!!

    1. Thank you, Helene! I was trying very hard not to get those sausages in them. I hope one day I can make it easyly)

  4. My goodness, Nasta! You are one industrious woman! I truly love every single one of your creations, and especially love your "sausage" soap! Each soap you created has its own beautiful characteristics that make them so unique. I am just amazed at all you do with your teething baby, creating numerous gorgeous soaps, and conducting such informative interviews. (By the way, it was truly an honor working with you and I enjoyed every minute!) Thank you for sharing each of your fabulous attempts!

    1. Thank you, Debi, you are so very kind.
      Thank you for being a part of Soapmakers of the World!

  5. Wow, awesome soaps! Thank you for sharing all your different tries! I love the colours of your entry best, like a perfect piece of turquoise. :-)
    Cheyenne @ Canfield Handcrafted Soaps

  6. All your soap turned out beautiful.

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