1. ledna 2016

How to make your own 3D model for impression mat

I was inspired by my bath Moroccan tiles for this challenge. And as they are completely even, I had to do my own 3D model which has to be 1mm thin and flat. I took me very little time to make the pattern but it took me a few days to find suitable material to make the model itself.

As I had no experience with polymeric clay and have no time to teach how to work with it, I send my almost husband to hobby store and he turned back with 1 mm thin linoleum. I’m grateful for his excellent idea, as linoleum turned to be almost undamageable, easy to work with, cheap and is selling in many many shops (not as a pourable silicon).

There are  some pictures of how I made it.

I took a picture of my tile and the pattern I wanted to have at my soap.

I have printed it normally as A4 format (I have 21cm x 28cm slab mold) and then “re-draw” it on a clear paper by using table lamp and bathroom glass shelf so I could see the pattern.

Then I copied it and taped one in order to make it stronger. 

I draw the pattern onto linoleum and cut it.

Here is my silicon mat I made with this 3D flat 1 mm thin linoleum model. I used self-adhesive A4 paper in order to not allow silicon to pour under my model

It is really easy to make this kind of model, but unfortunately not all tipes of patterns could be cut (like lace for instance).

I wish you a good day and ocean of inspiration around you...
Soap is in the air... everywhere I look around ))))))


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